Answers To Parent 1:1 iPad Questions part 2

The first question we will talk about today has to do with how much screen time the students are getting at school:

After talking with the 3rd grade teachers they have advised that the 3rd graders are using the iPad, on average, about 1-1 ½ hours a day at school. Some days may be a little more and some a little less.  If there is homework assigned on the iPad it should only be 15-20 minutes maximum.

The following information is from the website and written by Jeana Lee Tahnk:

When establishing screen-time limits in a household, Dr. Jerry Weichman, adolescent psychologist at Hoag Hospital’s Neurosciences Institute, urges parents to take a look at the child’s age and maturity level and make the determination on an individual basis. He recommends that if kids are doing well in school, are respectful, and lead full lives outside of the home, parents can give a bit more freedom with gadgets.

Scott Steinberg, bestselling author of The Modern Parent’s Guide , adds that screen time is not an “inalienable right” and that it should be an earned privilege. He tells parents to ask, “am I really comfortable with how much time my child is sitting in front of the screen, and is this starting to become a bad habit?”

In an ideal world, kids are using only the most brain-enhancing apps, watching the most educational programs and are learning second languages on iPads. But in the real world, kids are turning to screens for an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants or a round of Angry Birds. That’s where a parent has to step in and assess the situation. A good piece of advice for kids AND adults? “Whether using high-tech devices for productivity or play, it’s just as important to know when to take a break and power down,” Steinberg says.

I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural iPad Summit at Harvard last week and was able to hear Tony Wagner speak.  One of his messages that stuck with me the most was:

Kids have to learn to get bored, so they can teach themselves to get “un-bored.

The second question we will cover today is about who is responsible for updating apps and how often should it be done:

Since the iPad is family owned, the families are responsible for updating the apps.  This should be done at least once a week.  It is very easy to tell if there are any apps that need to be updated.  Please follow the steps below to update any apps that may need it:

 1.      Look for the App Store icon, if there is a red circle with a number in the upper right hand corner, there are apps to be updated.

2.      Click on the App Store app.

3.      In the bottom right there is an Updates button (that button will also have a red circle with a number), tap that option, doing so will give a list of the apps that need to be updated.

4.      In the upper left hand corner of the screen there will be an Update All button, tap that button to run the updates…the apps can also be done separately by tapping the UPDATE button to the right of the listed app.

That will do it for this weeks Q&A session.  Please check back often for more updates, articles, and answers to your questions.  Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Answers To Parent 1:1 iPad Questions part 2

  1. Kristie Jochmann November 16, 2012 at 1:57 pm Reply

    When technology is truly used to bolster 21st century learning, you should find kids more engaged, more interested and able to converse about the world, asking more questions, relating and discovering more- kids looking out at the world and not into a device. If parents are not seeing that then it makes sense to question whether the technology is serving the intention we had for it .

    If your kid is less interested in siblings and family, less interested in talking, can’t tolerate looking out the window of a car, asks fewer questions or shows a one track preference for relating to the technology, if technology use causes disruption/angst in your family, then the technology is working against your child, not for your child. I think it would be great to survey parents on this. Is my child more, less or same before/after ipads became a part of school/home?

    Lilian mentioned that yesterday in classroom guidance counseling with Mr. Salerno it was brought up that kids feel like the ipad is a “welcoming world”, “calling them in” and that it can be hard to focus on teachers, classmates or families due to the strong pull of the device. If your device seems more welcoming or engaging than your teachers, your friends, your family, your device has become too powerful. There is only one device that is absolutely essential for 21st century learning and that is your brain. No kid should think a computing device is essential or more important for learning than interaction, interest and effort. We should work to be sure that does not happen.

    And I fully agree on the boredom factor, kids need to get bored to foster creativity and design solutions. Keeping them occupied on ipads is dummying down their potential.

    Technology is value neutral, like a hammer, you can use it to build something beautiful or use it to crush a skull. Partly to blame is adults giddy admiration for technology. If you find your toy more interesting than your child, they are sure to grow to feel the same.

    Let’s give these devices their due- they are one of many interesting tools that when applied in the best ways, can open up the world of learning and bring unprecedented access to the world, but they are no more than that. They are not friends, they are not teachers, they are not the world and they are not a substitute for your brain or thinking.


  2. Patti November 16, 2012 at 3:46 pm Reply

    Thanks for the updates, Steve. Always good to read!

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