Computer Science Education Week

With Computer Science Education Week right around the corner, I thought I would take a few minutes to put together a list of excellent Apps, Games and Circuitry for your perusal.

Next week, a majority of USM students will be partaking in Hour of Code.  If you are unfamiliar with Hour of Code, please read the previous post.

There are a wide variety of apps that will allow students to learn the first couple of steps in programming. I am hoping that this hour will spark some interest in your son/daughter to pursue more of the activities that are offered on the Hour of Code Website.

Back to the list…

App for iPad:


Hopscotch – A great iPad app that is free and teaches the basics of coding with a very user friendly interface.

Game Press

Game Press – Free – Create and design your own video game. 


CargoBot – Another free app that is extremely fun to play.  My daughter and I lost some serious time figuring out some of the challenges posed by this app.  I saw her wheels turing (and smoke coming out of her ears at times) when faced with a challenge.


Codea – $10.00 – I am too cheap to try/buy this app but here is an interesting fact about this app… CargoBot was completely created using this app.  Who said creation and creativity dies on an iPad?


Kodable Pro

Kodable – Free/$6.99 for the Pro app.  This app is intended for children of 5 years old and up.  It is a great introduction to programming.  A first step before hopping on over to Hopscotch.  It teaches programing, sequencing, loops and functions.


Daisy The Dinosaur – Like Kodable but with a Dinosaur and it is free.


AppCraft – Another app maker similar to Codea but this is free (unless you want to get rid of the ads, then it is $6.99.)

Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex – Rube Goldberg for your iPad.  This is a free app until you complete all of the challenges then you would need to shell out a buck to keep on playing.


Little Bits – Awesome snap together (Lego like) circuits.


Raspberry Pi – The $35.00 computer.

Raspberry Pi 

Kano – Build your own computer from scratch for $100.00


Arduino – Similar to Raspberry Pi.  Build your own computer.


GoldieBlox – Engineering toys for Girls


Play-i Robot – Bo and Yana will help your child learn to program.


Thanks for reading and as always, please post a comment or question!

Or better yet, stop in the the MakerSpace to see what is going on in the Middle School.

Here is another great list with more programming apps.

Jonathan Wylie

Thank you!

Tom Mussoline



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