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As part of our Media Production course here at USM, I asked my students to critique a website, a application on their Mac, an app that they used on their smartphone or a piece of hardware.

Below is our first submission.  Patty did a great job explaining and showcasing iMovie.  I am very proud of the writing part of this submission.  The video also explains how to do a reverse motion movie within iMovie.

I would love to give my students some authentic feedback from an authentic audience.  Please be so kind to add a comment and remember, if you have nothing nice to say…


Here is the link to the video tutorial.


iMovie is an easy program to use, and I do really like this video editing program. You can use iMovie for multiple different projects. IMovie is fun and so many people use it. I think that it is very easy to make reverse motion, stop motion, slow motion, fast motion, movies, movie trailers, and you can even import music you made yourself into iMovie to make your project even more interesting.

I did some projects for school on iMovie myself; I created a reverse motion movie. In the main window of iMovie there is an adjustments bar in the top right corner. If you click on adjust, a turtle, along with many other tools will appear. Once you click on the turtle button, three options appear. You can click the reverse button and then it will turn your clips into a reverse motion.

This is very easy to do; I also used iMovie for a stop motion project. All you have to do is select all of the photos you want to include, and then go to the information button, inside the adjustments button. Then inside that, there is a duration button, and you can make each picture appear on the screen for only 1 second, if you type in the number “one”. The only confusing part about this, is that you have to go really fast when hitting the enter button to change the duration, otherwise it won’t change. This was extremely easy and the only time consuming part was taking all the photos. You can also make a movie trailer in iMovie. I created a trailer in 7th grade, and it was very simple.

To make your projects more interesting you can add music from iTunes, and you can make your projects have themes. You can also make your projects black and white and you can choose how loud your background music is. You can use an effect called Ken Burns found in the crop button in the adjust tab. Ken Burns only works on photos. Ken Burns is an effect that allows you to zoom in or zoom out, or both, on a particular photo. You can change where it starts to go in and out and when to stop it. There is also an enhance button next to the adjust button. It makes the video a crème color. IMovie makes many projects fun and interesting.

IMovie can be slow at times, but that is only if there is a lot of photos being imported at once, or many special effects overlapping one another. Make sure that you update your iMovie so that you get the latest project creations and movie trailer creations. iMovie only comes with apple products not Microsoft or any other software’s. You can get iMovie on your phone and your Ipad, not only your computer. If you have a new Apple device the iMovie app comes with it. If you have an older device, it is $4.99. If you don’t have it, you should get it on your apple devices.

I would suggest iMovie for teachers and students. It is a simple, non-time consuming way to make projects for school, for lessons, or just to make things for fun. The main point is I would recommend iMovie for many different people and projects. I had a blast creating my projects in iMovie and I hope others do too!


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2 thoughts on “Tech Writers

  1. Wendy Bunker October 30, 2014 at 9:34 pm Reply

    Hi Patty,

    I really enjoyed reading your review of iMovie. At home and for my personal use, I use a Mac, but at school, our students don’t have access to anything but PCs. For this reason, I have shied away from utilizing iMovie on my computer because I can never use it in class. That being said, your review has intrigued me to give it a try and do more with iMovie in hopes that at some point, our school district will open their minds to the possibilities that can be utilized with applications like iMovie. Your review will come in handy!

    • Tom Mussoline October 31, 2014 at 11:38 am Reply

      Thank you Wendy! We really appreciate your comments. Please continue to follow as more will be posted shortly.

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