Practical Tips

iPad Set-up Videos:

iPad Setup 2013 from University School of Milwaukee on Vimeo.


Setting Restrictions from University School of Milwaukee on Vimeo.


Setup AppStore from University School of Milwaukee on Vimeo.

Restoring iPad from University School of Milwaukee on Vimeo.

Practical Tips:

  • Permission. Asking permission to use the device should be mandatory. Even if it is for homework.
  • Location of Device. A Good rule of thumb is to always have it in site when kids are using the device.  Do not allow your child to take it into their bedroom, bathroom, or any other unsupervised areas.
  • Establish good habits early. Kids need guidelines and rules about what is a good amount of time to spend on the computer. Allocating computer time in 15- or 30-minute increments gives you a chance to check in and suggest that it’s time for a break.
  • Set Expectations: Regularly share your expectations with your child about accessing only appropriate sites and content, as well as being a good person when online (even when parents aren’t watching). Outside of school, it is likely that your child has already been confronted with multiple opportunities to access content that parents wouldn’t approve.  Understand that your child’s use of many technologies (such as iPods, Kindle’s, or video game systems) likely gives your child the ability to connect to unfiltered public wireless networks. Therefore, it is important to maintain regular, open dialog about Internet use and access. Discuss your expectation for appropriate use and behavior.
  • Think about ownership. Deciding who the device “belongs” to can help head off problems, foster a sense of responsibility, and provide a basis for accountability. Is it Mom’s and/or Dad’s device that the kids can use? Is it owned by the family collectively but managed by the parents? Does it belong to a specific child?
  • Stress homework before computer work. Make sure your kids know that homework must be finished before they use the device for recreational use.
  • Limit multitasking. Media multitasking is when kids are watching TV, playing a game/on-line activities, or listening to music – and trying to do homework at the same time. It’s not really known what affect this has on how kids learn, but experts do know that it takes longer to do tasks like homework when other activities are going on at the same time. And that increases daily screen time.

iPad User Guide:  Please click on the link for a copy of the iPad User Guide direct from Apple.

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